The Vision

Coming from a dance family the stretch ladder was originally created for our daughter that needed extra flexibility training. Having worked with Pilates equipment and other stretching aids, we combined the features we found the most useful into a portable product which is the stretch ladder. Knowing how much the stretch ladder allows her to do at home, we made it our business to provide this wonderful tool for everyone to enjoy and train with.

Monique langone

Acrobatics/Dance teacher | Acrobatic Arts M1 Certified | Director Stretch Ladder Pty.Ltd.

The Product

We use only quality products to make the ladders, they are all hand made by us and we know you will love the durability and extensive range of exercises it can be used for. We love and support all things dance and know the importance of what extra training and flexibility can do for any dancer and individual that wishes to improve their flexibility. We cant wait for you to try the stretch ladder.