Our stretch ladders are made from wood and finished in a high gloss colour. Our Rungs are made from hardwood that is extremely strong and durable. Our standard stretch ladder has a height of approx 80cm and our grande approx 100cm. The top rung is able to be used as a barre. 

The stretch ladder has two foam pads that can be placed on which ever rung you are working on for comfort. The ladder comes in a range of colours.

Custom Stickers

The stretch ladder comes with logo stickers on both sides. We also offer custom stickers… Choose from our designs and your name or studio name will be printed in white. Look out for our monthly sticker specials too!


Stretch Ladder Colours

Our Stretch Ladders come in many different colours. Choose the colour that best suits your personality!

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Strength, flexibility, and conditioning exercises, including the use of equipment, is a potentially hazardous activity. Using equipment involves a risk of injury, especially to people who have pre-existing injuries, illness or medical disabilities.

If you are unaware whether or not our products are suitable you should consult a health professional.

Bar Protector Covers

The stretch ladder comes with 2 black foam bar protectors included. These covers are designed to go over the foam to add colour and further personalise your ladder.

Custom Text Colours

Custom stickers come with White text as default…. We now let you also choose from our 7 text colours, if you would like to personalise your stretch ladder further.

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Flexibility can be defined as the range of motion of your joints to move freely.